Bain Sanderson was looking to escape the realities of today’s world, living a modest life alone in the Olympic rainforest of western Washington. But it wasn’t far enough to escape another reality; an angelic war that he was somehow part of, raged on around him. In the beginning, the Archangel Michael defeated the rebellion in heaven and a third of the Angelic Host was cast down to earth or locked away until judgment. In turn an illegitimate angelic bloodline was destroyed. Yet even now, another bloodline was in play and the battle of the Fallen rages on.

Drawn into an investigation, Bain is confronted by brutal killings, angelic revelations and an unimaginable evil forcing him to question everything in which he believes. Guided by his guardian angel and a few trusted friends, he must decipher the secrets of the past revealed by his Grandfather Nicolai. Secrets, that may not only unlock the mysteries of his own family but could enable him to right an ancient wrong threatening to destroy mankind.

About Thrones of Granite: While pursuing the completion of the sequel to "The Blood of Angels" it became apparent to me that what I was actually writing was the "completion" of the first book. Therefore, 'Thrones of Granite" is in part a 2nd edition. It begins with part#1 Blood of Angels, and keeps moving on for the complete novel. Part#1 has been partially re-written as well. The result, in my eyes, is the complete novel as it should have been originally presented. I hope you enjoy the read. Thanks, R.E. Long

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Monday, November 22, 2010


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  1. Thrones of Granite is here! A complete work, and a task full of lessons.

    R.E. Long